The Carabiner Cuff - Vernal - Limited Edition

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Ephemeral like a Vernal Pool, this cuff won't be here long. A strand of Japanese glass beads in translucent, blue-green strung on leather with gunmetal accents and stainless steel carabiner closure. Handmade in Maine; we combined the finest materials to create unique, quality bracelets that embrace our love of the outdoors with craftsmanship and artistry.

Single-strand Cuff available in 2 sizes:

Small-Medium approx. 7 3/4"
Medium-Large approx. 8 3/4"

Design Inspiration Vernal Pools, are unique seasonal wetlands - they are renewed and filled each spring, providing important habitat for some of our more delicate wildlife like; Salamanders, Wood Frogs and Fairy Shrimp. 

Bracelets are hand crafted so appearance and size may vary slightly depending on the artisan’s hand and inspiration. You are beautiful - like a Fairy Shrimp

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