About Us

Different paths coalesce into one great adventure. A little romance turned into a complete life change when Steve and Angela left their day jobs to work together, doing what they love most– making maps and being outdoors.

Cartographer Steve Bushey has over 30 years of experience in cartography, geography and outdoor travel tourism. In 1984, he founded and mapped the Catamount Trail, the cross-country ski trail that runs the length of Vermont. His love of travel was fueled during the years that he worked as a designer of hiking excursions throughout the United States, Britain, Wales and Ireland.

Love me, love my dog...
"But you don't have a dog" Steve said.
When Angela met Steve, she was dog-less and spending her time commuting to Boston where she worked as Creative Director for an educational software company. Her many accomplishments included successfully publishing software titles for the Boston Museum of Science and Disney Educational Software. But thats not what she wanted to be doing; what she loved best was a good walk with a dog or two and friends.

In 1994, Steve And Angela started Map Adventures. Today, they share their adventures with you by making the best easy-to-use maps and guides. They hope that you too will discover the pleasure of exploring the outdoors with family and friends and dogs.
Happy Trails!