Lilac, Matte Black & Soft White Bracelet


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Majestic: Lilac, Matte Back & Soft White. The Majestic has an impressive beauty and dignity. These Japanese glass beads are strung on leather with antique brass, copper and pewter accents. Stainless steel carabiner closure makes for a nicely weighted piece. Handmade in Maine.

Three-strand Bracelet
Small Approx. 7 3/4"
Medium Approx. 8 3/4"
Let us know in the "comments" section of your order which size you'd like.
Design Inspiration Walking in peace & joy. Some people like to chat on the trail. Others walk quietly, listening, taking in everything around them. There is a time and place for each. Both render a respect and joy that nature requests.

Lilac, tiny flowers en masse, at the peak of its bloom. Intoxicating fragrance, in full colors of violet, blue magenta, white and of course its namesake – Lilac.

Bracelets are hand crafted so appearance and size may vary slightly depending on the artisan’s hand and inspiration. You are confident.

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